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Mobile Checkout Testing

Our mobile website was rather new and we hadn't done much testing, if any. I took the initiative and decided to draft a study on task completion. I identified a few of the most common tasks on our mobile website and authored a test on The results shed light on a signficant pain point in our mobile checkout flow that would likely reduce cart abandoment and improve conversion if we were to tackle it.

User Testing


“Ok, I don’t want to sign in. I don’t know if I really want to create an account. is there no…oh”

9 of 10 users

immediately concluded that they needed to sign in or create an account to checkout

Competitive Analysis

This research tool can serve as to uncover inspiration. However, in this case I wanted to study the landscape to see if there were any mobile conventions that I might be unaware of that should shape my design direction. 


1 of 10 sites

invited customers to create an account at the same point in the funnel.

4 of 10 sites

skipped a checkout login page entirely

A/B Testing

I crafted a quick experiment in Monetate to test a different layout. The proposed design hid the title bars and the "Create Account" button which I concluded were unnecessary noise. Additionally, the design changed the hierarchy of information to better direct the user's eye.




projected incremental revenue


lift in conversion


lift in new customer conversion


lift in cart abandonment

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